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About Us

BPAR S.A. is service technology company working for the foodservice market. As we are positioned as a service company, our ambition is to assure a qualified, efficient and personalized attention for our customers.

We are conscious that BPAR S.A. leans on the expertise of our human resources. In this regard, we consider that an unceasing training of our staff is crucial.

We are ready to cope with challenges typical of an expanding market. Despite this, we takeinto account that there are lots to do.

We know where to go and waht to do: Survey, listen and satify each of our customers requirements. It is them who have the key and we are able to decode it.

We are lead by the knowledge that the best way to do anything is by working hard on it.

BPAR S.A. Inclán 2839 (C1258AAL) | Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires | Argentina
Phone: +54 011 4941-2854/0606 | +54 011 4942-0123/0001 | +54 011 4308-2913 |
Fax: +54 011 4308-4731
www.bpar.com.ar | www.bpar-tecnologia.com.ar | info@bpar-tecnologia.com.ar