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BPAR S.A. offers its services all over the country and abroad. The later is one of the best ways to show and improve the expertise of our human resources.

  • We are ready to give advice about equipment investment and layouts of gastronomic shops.
  • Installation of first and second hand national and imported equipment.
  • Our technical service department is provided of highly trained staff in different areas: gastronomic equipment, air-conditioners, cooling chambers and so on.
  • We can design and carry on a personalized project for gastronomic shops.
  • Selling, installation and maintenance of gastronomic and cooling equipment.
  • We work for hotels, fast- food chains, restaurants, companies and for the home market.
  • Calculation of air- conditioned areas.
BPAR S.A. Inclán 2839 (C1258AAL) | Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires | Argentina
Phone: +54 011 4941-2854/0606 | +54 011 4942-0123/0001 | +54 011 4308-2913 |
Fax: +54 011 4308-4731
www.bpar.com.ar | www.bpar-tecnologia.com.ar | info@bpar-tecnologia.com.ar